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  3. Hello all. Here are the updated rules for the ARK Base Building Contest, please Contact Richiebob, Laurie or Tora if you are participating or would like to participate in the contest. Thanks. Bandana Nation Community Aberration Base Building Contest SERVER RULES ARE: - Server is currently Password protected to gain access talk to Richiebob, Laurie, Alyrius or Lazy, but will be whitelisted once whitelisting is fixed. - You only need to be a follower of Banlish to gain access to the server. - No building in/near resources, (Admins reserve the right to destroy the base if it doesn’t conform to requirements, if unsure, contact the admins please.) This is a PvE server, each tribe allowed 1 safe base, but may have 4x4x2 level outposts only. - Tribe size is limited to five (5) players - Tribe must be active on the server. CONTEST RULES ARE: *Admins do not provide support/compensations for mistakes made by players. They also reserve the right to disbar players from the competition and server for breaching rules, being obnoxious, cheating, causing too much drama/uproar and over-abusive language. - Base structure not including the surrounding gates are not going to be limited, at this time - If your base is deemed to be causing server issues, the admins will inform the contestants of any changes that may need to be made to their bases. HOW BASES ARE JUDGED: - Exterior and Interior (ie. Functionality) design and architectural quality. - Entries will be judged during live stream of Banlish (Time=TBD Date=02/14/2018) either by viewers voting or by panel of judges (staff members not participating) TBD TO GAIN ENTRY TO CONTEST AND SERVER: - Kindly contact Richiebob2, Laurie or Alyrius on discord. The contest will consist of tribes limited to 5 (five) players so entry will be closed once the judging date of 02/14/18 has been reached. (if more space is needed on the server we will get it) - If insufficient interest is garnered by the judging date, the contest will be postponed until a later date and players that enter the contest will be informed of the cancellation/postponement. In the event that occurs, there will be no compensations. - If you don't sign up with Richiebob2, Laurie or Alyrius you will be considered to not have any interest in participating in the contest and will not qualify for the award. SERVER STATS: - Crosshair enabled, 3rd person enabled, Resources x3, Taming x8, Mating Interval .025, Egg Hatch Speed 20, Baby Mature Speed 16 SERVER RESTARTS: *Admins reserve the right to restart the server as needed for bug fixes, updates to the game, whitelisting updates or by modifying server settings to include adding/removing mods. - Server currently conducts a restart every 12 hours, *no server wipe* at 12:00AM EST and 12:00PM EST. DISCORD: - Discord Channels will be provided for those who request to have one for the contest period. Contact Richiebob2 in Discord to request channel. MODS IMPLEMENTED: - Reusable Plus; Platforms Plus; Death Helper; Super Spyglass; Resource Stacks and Castles, Keeps, and Forts Medieval Architecture and eco’s RP Decor . More may be introduced later.
  4. Mass Effect Character Models

  5. 1st Blog post

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    Уважаемые пользователи, друзья! Хотелось бы поделиться несложной и очень удобной схемой по извлечении прибыли на постоянной основе, уровень в 50 тр., указпн условно, он может быть и значительно выше, НО в любом случае вся описываемая схема, реализуется в считанные дни, а прибыль постоянна, опять же все будет в дальнейшем зависеть от Вас самих. Суть схемы: поиск вакансии с подходящими Вам лично критериями и уровнем з/п; узнаём полные условия для кандидатов(необходимую документацию и квалификацию); оформляем все нужные документы; перед собеседованием ни менее 7 раз для себя проговариваете свою легенду и собственно - отправляемся на новое место работы, проходим "конкурс", приступаем к работе И получаем стабильную з/п , о которой раньше только мечтали. Есть единственный критерий и правило, которое НЕЛЬЗЯ нарушать в данной схеме: нужно сразу ставить себе планку в минимум 50 тр и отбирать ТОЛЬКО такие вакансии, при условии, что Вы можете и умеете адаптироваться в той сфере, к которой относится вакансия, т.к. это ВАЖНО и ошибки заключаются именно в этом, те из людей, кто не соизмерив свои знания и возможности погнавшися за "большим рублем" не смоги утвердится в новой должности из-за профанских промашек и явного незнания темы, в лучшем случае успевали получить пару з/п(заработных плат), грубо говоря 2 месяца проработали и "спалились", тем самым прибавив в своей жизни проблем. Перефразирую схему очень кратко: 1. ищем хорошую работу с хорошей зарплатой; 2. подготавливаем - покупаем пает документов, дипломы, diplom59rus.ru свидетельства, справки и мн.др., все документы высочайшего качества; Купить удостоверение в Перми #diplom59rus.ru 3. зубрим легенду, в идеале и вообще большой плюс, подготовиться профильно к работе если подготовка и знания есть, вообще без проблем; 4. трудоустройство будет успешным, но бывает ни с 1го раза, возможно 2-3 попытки в разных конторах, но это мелочи по сравнению с тем, что абсолютное большинство не может трудоустроиться в период до 3-6 месяцев. Самой основной проблемой при трудоустройстве всегда было, есть и будет - высокие требования работодателей к претендентам, соискателям на вакансию, а у абсолютного большинства на руках естьт в лучшем случае 1 диплом и все, поэтому мы подготовим полный пакет квалификационной и образовательной документации, работодател просто не сможет устоять. Развенчивание мифов-страхов: МИФ1 - "мой диплом обязательно проверят и всему конец..." Для начала - сама процедура проверки диплома, процесс не одного дня и даже более того, делается это по официальному запросу на бумаге с печатью и т.д., а предствьте, что ВУЗ от которого у Вас диплом, географически в другом регионе, делается это письмом и со всеми вытекающими, вобщем не быстро. Второй момент - проверяют диплом далеко ни все работодатели, а именно: ГОСУДАРСТВЕННЫЕ структуры всех сфер - ДА(проверка в обязательном порядке - 100%); Крупнейшие коммерческие/промышленные/финансовые учреждения/ЛИДЕРЫ отраслей, например "ГАЗПРОМ", "ЛУКОЙЛ" и т.п. - ДА(проверка - 95% вероятности). Средний и малый бизнес с вероятностью до 99% НЕ ПРОВЕРЯЮТ ВООБЩЕ, кроме того ВУЗы (редкая практика, но встречается) могут отказывать в предосталении такой информации по запросам от ИП, ООО и прочим "неявным" структурам. ВЫВОД: По нашей схеме сразу нужно "отметать в сторону" работу в гос(бюджетных) сферах и работу у ТОП-лидеров отраслей(если у вас нет там хороших знакомых или родственников из топ-менеджеров )) ) МИФ2 - "все документы напечатаны на цветном принтере - меня быстро "раскусят"" Однозначно ВСЕ документы только оригинального качества ГОЗНАК (дипломы, аттестаты, свидетельства) и/или изготовлены на спец.оборудовании, если говорить о различных справках, удостоверениях и т.п. в спец.типографиях. НИКАКИХ ксерокопий или печати на принтере и в пмине НЕТ! Присутствуют необходимые элементы защиты и соблюдаются абсолютно все стандарты при оформлении. Заказать оформление диплома или любого другого документа можно по почте: INFO@diplom59rus.RU или нажав на кнопку вызова(Обратный звонок) и Вам перезвонит менеджер, подробно проконсультирует о всех условиях, ценах, скидках и т.п. А уже через несколько дней Вы станете обладателей заветного документа или пакета документов, с помощью которых измените свою жизнь в лучшую сторону, сможете монетизировать собственные навыки и реализовать их на практике, главное всегда иметь "голову на плечах"!
  8. Mass Effect Character Models

    Well, I have not played this game yet, but as my brother had played ME:A, as he said that even though its animations may not be the best, but this game offers hours and hours of action and entertainment, massively vast universe full of stuff to do and it had very engaging story. Next month I am also going to purchase it from an Instant Gaming online store which is reminded of my brother. After playing it, I will definitely give you the my opinions regarding this.
  9. hello and bonjour

  10. My weight loss story and ideas

    Hi Solidusmaximus85. I request you to post specific recipes in detail that helped you in weight loss. I have recently found about the guide régime for weight loss. It describes many recipes that aid in easy weight loss. I am quite motivated by your weight loss story and I am looking forward for your weight loss recipes.
  11. Look at my cats. LOOK AT THEM.

    Awwwww. They so soo sweet
  12. Day 500 Celebration Incoming!

    Great! Congratulations
  13. Day 500 Celebration Incoming!

  14. PUBG

    Hello farstar! I Playerunknown's battlegrounds kaufen Online this week and played with friends in squad. It's pretty fun to play. It's more awesome if you have friends playing with you as a squad. I think the game has potential to grow further considering the massive sales for an early access game. Make squad and enjoy it!
  15. hello and bonjour

    Bonjour tu as le dos
  16. G'day

    hello and g'day ANZAC. or i would say it here: bonjour et bienvenu. we seem to be the two new comers. i have your back if you have mine
  17. hello and bonjour

    Hello to all, I figured it would be nice to say hi. A brief presentation: i'm a 32 french girl (yes girl, i'm still 16 in my head). I was in the french air force for 10 years. Just got out recently so currently unemployed, but i have big dreams (and feasible ones) . I've been playing video games for less longer then most of you (information i gathered reading the presentation page ) but i've always been playing. from the first counter strike first opus to riwmorld. There is me in a nutshell. Wish you all a lovely day. micheline A.K.A laurine
  18. G'day

    Well as you can tell from the title... answer 1. Yes I am Australian. Now to answer your second question after you chuckle that Australia is advanced enough to have the internet yes keep laughing and I will export all those lovely creatures that try to kill us on a daily basis. Now that niceties are out of the way I shall begin. Father of way to many children.. well 6.. but then the internet and gaming caught my eye (thank god the missus yells). My age you say... well you know how they say the older you are the wiser you are.... load of crap.. but I am 46 years old. Currently reside in the Sunshine State of Australia in queensland waaay out in the outback... ikr... Australia has internet even out in the bush.... ok stop laughing and I shall continue. Semi retired . Still work in Private Security but left the Forces few years back. Only semi retired because my teenage son resides with me.. and He to is addicted to gaming... Spare time I normally work on My old 69 XT Falcon or.. yea play games. Also mod for SupaBeaner... aka now known as El_SupaBean. Some of you I have already chatted with and laughed at... I mean with to the rest.. G'day Im Adrian from Aussieland.. where we drive on the DAMN correct side of the road and pleased to meet you all
  19. My weight loss story and ideas

  20. Mods and other things to make the game better

    Thanks For Sharing!
  21. "I'm a pretty pink butterfly!"

    Thanks for sharing !
  22. So many of you have probably heard me say here and there that we have community servers that ANYONE is allowed to come onto if they meet the following conditions: 1. Follower of the channel 2. 12 hours+ viewing the channel if they type 'bucks' into the chat. 3. Treat others how you want to be treated So now that's out of the way, many of us in the community wanted to make sure you ALL knew what servers and games we're running so you can join us if you want to. 1. 7 days to die (Starvation mod) - we are running a server atm that is on only during the stream, we are looking for people that want to join us. Please contact Lazy8244 if you'd like to join us! 2. ARK - (Modded for quality of life improvements) - this is a great game that has a solid core in our Community, if you are interested in joining it please message: Richiebob2 or Lady Tora. They can teach you the basics up to the most advanced, from gathering resources, training, taming and breeding dinos. 3. Minecraft (Feed the Beast Infinity Evolved) - This is something we're looking to get going fully, so we're looking for people that want to join this server and start a community from scratch, if we get 6+ ppl we'll do a 'Minecraft' day where a ton of us come on and play together. It won't be on the stream but we can all have fun together doing so. If you'd like to help be part of that, or be someone who wants to help us recruit others for it, let Lazy8244 know. 4. Mechwarrior Online - This is our attempt to get a MWOmercs.com unit going, all we do atm are currently grinding matches in prep to start doing work together as a unit. I will be doing 'MWO' streams at certain points during the week and ANYONE from the unit will have an invite to help out if you want. We also play this OFF stream and we'd love more people to do things with, please consider talking to WrathfulMonk or Shattersparkz on discord for invites. The whole point is to get more and more people to be on our servers so we can have people playing together, having fun and eventually play OTHER games together. We're a gaming community and this is another step down the road of bringing that to a higher level. Any questions please ask in THIS thread: Thanks and I hope we can see some response on this, if we do, I can open MORE servers and gaming communities up for everyone. Have a great day and talk to you soon. -Banlish
  23. If there are any questions or suggestions, this would be a good place to put any questions. Answers coming to anything that comes.
  24. New Mods/Staff members sought!

    Update again! We're up to 9 people on the list atm, still giving this a few more days till I 'close it' and begin reviewing all the people on it.
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