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    Steam and ingame name the same as Twitch please! If you have a name that can be considered offensive, please, please, change your steam name, or character name in game. Have some respect for your fellow players.... No Land Claim Blocks on Points of Interest or inside Cities. Be Respectful of Others. Don’t be a Dick. No Base Raiding No Griefing/Trolling Only the Admins of Banlish's channel may give out the password to any player on the server, regardless if they have been on it before. Griefing/Trolling Griefing and Trolling are defined for the purpose of Moderation as “Any action by a player that causes another player to feel less welcome and discourages them from continuing to play.” This is very vague on purpose. Examples of griefing and trolling are; Name calling Raiding Taunting or intentionally trying to get a rise out of someone Destroying property This is by no means an all-inclusive list. Basically, mind your business and only be helpful to others, if you cannot be nice, don’t talk. Just play and have fun. If you can only have fun at others expense, this is not the place for you. NO Talking of Politics or Religion in any way. It leads to nothing but drama and toxic reactions. Prefabricated Structures As there are many prefabricated structures in the world, this is a tricky area. Building in Cities is not allowed. This is defined as building on, or inside the road that surrounds cities. There is plenty of real estate outside cities to build. Leave the cities for looting only. This goes the same for land claims. No Land claims in cities. Cities are clusters of buildings that are connected by asphalt roads. There are buildings connected by dirt roads which are always 100% acceptable for private usage. Acceptable buildings for private usage if desired are limited to: Any building outside cities. You may break open doors/windows to allow access, however, further damage to the buildings other than in defense of zombie attacks, are bannable offenses. What does this mean? DO NOT DAMAGE THE BUILDINGS. They are only for looting. Any damage other than the normal wear and tear as decided by the admins, you will be banned. Please make every attempt to maintain the structural integrity of these buildings as they are useful to all. ANY BUILDING OUTSIDE OF A CITY may be utilized for PERSONAL base purposes if desired. You are responsible to ensure it is clear that you are living there. You must change the appearance to reflect such. If you are broken into, and an admin determines you did not make it clear you were living there (Land Claim, Locked Doors, Defensive Spikes, Plots), then it will be allowed. All prefabricated buildings are open claim unless otherwise previously stated. Respect all players Respect is the staple of this gaming community. Respect comes in many forms. Do not do anything that is disrespectful to another player (this includes Admins and staff). Always be polite to others and ask permission if you think it may offend them in some way. If you are in doubt, ask. PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE BEHAVIOR WILL BE TREATED AS TOXIC AND GRIEFING. If you are confronted by a moderator, be kind and respectful. There is no expectation to treat moderators better than other players as the expectation is already very high. It is understood that tensions and issues arise, keep in mind this is a game, and will be treated as such. In order to lower the tension, an Admin may remove you from the server temporarily. Do not take this action as an offense, it is only meant to remove the issue from public chat. They will then add you on steam to discuss the issue. If you do not respond, you will remain removed until you discuss with the admin. Specific Minecraft Rules - No Offensive Skins - No Destruction of other players buildings - No 1x1 "dirt" or other Block Towers - Always Fully remove trees; if you cut down a large amount of trees please replace them - Mind the size of your mobfarms/farms. While we have a Powerful server too many entities in the same area may still cause lag! - Keep the spawn area clear. No Building around the spawn! - No Killing, trapping, or harming other players - No Stealing ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ***These rules can change without notice, so make sure you revisit them to make sure you comply.***
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    Btw, Miscreated was NOT the game that this thread is focused on. I'm still looking for ideas, Miscreated was simply because MikeSully and I already own it and we wanted to give it a shot. I still need more input and ideas.