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    I’m sorry, this will be a LONG post/write up for me. I feel that giving ‘too much’ information is a good thing in an instance like this. I don’t take this issue lightly and apologize for the length of what I had to write. With that said, please read on. This is something I hoped would not be an issue in our community for years and years, and, to everyone’s credit, it took just shy of two years to finally blow up in our faces. Today I have to remove someone from our community, our servers, and the channel. I’m also going to be very direct and not put much, if any, emotion into this. I know in a situation like this it could backfire and blow up in my face, so I’ve taken a few weeks to gather evidence, talk to various people involved, and make sure I have the clearest picture I possibly could. To put it mildly, I am extremely disappointed with what’s occurred and how people have begun to treat each other. And from what I’ve been able to gather it all leads back to one particular problem. That problem is RandomPlanet. Now before I go farther with this, I want to make sure people understand how I, personally, run this community and what I expect for people that play and partake of it. I’m forced to make a charter/rule-set after all of this occurring, but the one ‘rule’ I’ve said over and over and OVER again, has always been, “Treat others how YOU want to be treated,” or, “Don’t be a dick.” And looking back, I have to take some blame for that because, just like anything in life, people see it, say, “Yeah, I got it,” and then either bend it to hell and back OR just flat out ignore it while saying, “But you never REALLY said what you meant.” A few weeks back all sorts of things started going wrong. People were complaining, the servers were having issues, a pile of complaints were flooding into the community managers/staff-members, and I was saying, “What the heck is going on?” My team and I started figuring it out and what was happening, at the same time some of them started receiving push back on things from RandomPlanet. Now I was skeptical because I had heard good things about RandomPlanet up until this point, so I started asking them to check out what was going on, what was happening, AND why. And that last part is very, very important. So the following links below were all gathered over the last week as we made 100% sure what was going on and why RandomPlanet was acting a certain way. The evidence paints a bad picture, plus the major thing that I’ve been hearing over and over is that RandomPlanet just has a holier-than-thou/elitist attitude. And that, that won’t do here. Here are the clips AND a little explanation by me. (Links are to YouTube clips) BROKEN RULES -Rule- Be Respectful of Others VIDEO Evidence of speaking rudely to/about or mocking others on server: Chill the F Out -Telling another member to Chill the F out, then trashing talking on his stream afterwards Someone Stupid - If it isn’t the 2 people he knows, it’s someone stupid. I HATE this attitude because it never goes away, it just makes the people you play with view everyone else as garbage Just didn't know how to build anything - Mocking another streamer’s abilities, live. Not the worst, but it’s just one of many examples. Creepy - Someone he led a witchhunt against, so when anyone sees him around, ‘he’s creepy.’ It’s really annoying to see this attitude. Evidence of hoarding items from the community: Secret room -THIS is the most damning. The community had a rule of ‘small rooms, no exceptions.’ He not only broke that, he filled it with resources and is hiding it from the entire community while complaining to others, ‘There’s not enough resources,’ or, ‘Others are stealing things.’ Well no kidding, you’re hoarding an entire BASE worth from everyone. Secret room part 2 -More evidence of ‘our own secret stash’ continued. Evidence of breaking rules of community base by having enlarged room when others could not: Not supposed to be up here -The whole attitude of, ‘Oh this doesn’t exist,’ and trying to hide it, is really a bad attitude. I don’t like it when people not only hide stuff from others, but act like others are ‘shit’ or ‘n00bs’ compared to them. -Rule-No griefing/trolling Evidence of stealing: He's gonna be pissed -Taking stuff. ‘Just tell him.’ In this one Beldarean1 died and RandomPlanet rushed over to take all the food out of his bag. You can see the glee in his face when a teammate died, and he can go take stuff out of his bag. I’ve done this to others, but I was friends with them, something he has made abundantly clear he is NOT with Beldarean1. Evidence of griefing: They Did it Themselves -THIS one pisses me off. What bullshit, and how bad of a person do you have to be to put cement blocks in front of his door. You can see right on his face that he 100% knows what’s being discussed, but tries to play it off as ‘Beldarean1 did it to himself.’ Even trying to pass it off as, “He did it to himself, we’re not talking about this, we’re on stream,” shows, one, he flat out did know, and two, he thinks people are too stupid to realize it. If only he hadn’t streamed such behavior…. -Rule-Respect admins and staff Evidence of disrespect: RB's influence killed the server -This one I find sorta amusing. He mentions the only person that streams on the server besides him, is myself. Well RandomPlanet did lead a massive charge and griefing campaign against the other streamer who DID use it. Remember the guy they blocked out of his room with cement? That was the other streamer. Nazi-like -Flat out, this, more than anything else he could have done, is the one thing I can’t condone. My staff are 100% volunteers. Saying and implying my rules and mods are ‘Nazi like’ is akin to slapping all my staff and myself across the face. Want to know why things are like how they are? We’re worried about trolls and people bending the rules, people like RandomPlanet specifically who has bent and broken a host of rules along the way. Instead of calling him out, at this point we put in general rules for everyone to try to calm and control things. Instead we got push back. Evidence of lying to staff: Proof of form knowledge and lying -This one is just him, Always something new with these servers’, or ‘Anyone with access can get in if they want.’ The white list we’re adding is so we know who is who because people have been found to hand out access (the password) to people we do NOT know, and then we’re stuck trying to find out who that person is, WHAT they are doing, and then they aren’t trackable. Whether RandomPlanet himself handed out the access or others did isn’t the problem, that’s fixed now. But fighting us on trying to make it so your own stuff isn’t stolen, destroyed, or your progress reversed is a major issue. He even alludes to, ‘anyone can get access if they want it,’ is the main point. He doesn’t say that he handed out access but, hey, the way he answers sure implies it. I’m not holding him accountable for this point, but I’m pointing it out as yet another ‘bad attitude’ moment. OTHER (without specific clips) -singling out Beldarean1 -accusing others without evidence -lacking positivity -encouraging the treating of others poorly -being deceitful (streaming selectively and speaking vaguely) The evidence above is enough for me to end his participation in our community, but I’m going to point out a few other things, JUST to make sure people realize this was justified entirely. It’s a few things that he did that we don’t have video evidence for. RandomPlanet had many instances of accusing others without evidence, being holier-than-thou/elitist towards others, encouraging treating others poorly/as-n00bs, and most annoyingly, being deceitful/lying to my Mods/Staff. When asked to clarify things, details that would paint him in a bad light were conveniently ‘forgotten’ or outright denied. This is maddening from the aspect that, if you are going to say you’re better than others and act like everyone is beneath you (and that’s sure as hell the impression I get when watching and listening to his vods) don’t lie and misinform people when you are streaming much of it along the way. I’m going to touch on this next part because many have come to me and mentioned it. RandomPlanet lead a personal crusade against Beldarean1 on the servers over the last 2 to 3 weeks. He turned everyone who would listen against the guy, and he even fooled my team and I about what was going on. We (wrongly) issued a 3 day temporary ban against Beldarean1 while we investigated the issue. Everything we found pointed back to RandomPlanet’s opinions and things being blown out of proportion. I and the mods/staff involved have issued personal apologies for that to Beldarean1. Again, this is the first time we’ve dealt with this here. We overreacted too quickly, and for that we are very sorry. I myself greatly love this community and wish it no harm, so when I heard that ‘multiple people were complaining’ I made sure we reacted quickly. That was my mistake, and this time we gathered a ton of evidence first. The issues between RandomPlanet and Beldarean1 sprang, from what I can see, that both men view themselves as leaders and RandomPlanet took offense to that. He then started attacking Beldarean1 in many ways, much of it subtle but some of it direct. I don’t particularly care that two people don’t get along; not everyone will love each other here. BUT I do get annoyed when we get dragged into it and most of it seems to be baseless and/or outright lies. I am mega disappointed with how many things went down during this. I started being a streamer to get out of a crappy career and have fun. I knew things like this could happen because of my time in EVE online, WoW, and being a business owner, but it still annoys and even saddens me to have to be a referee/babysitter. My actions however must be definitive and decisive. So those of you that choose to stay here will know the why and the how. RandomPlanet will be removed from our community, stream, servers, and Discord. His actions speak for themselves, and I don’t need a ‘poison pill’ in the community that will lead to other charges or actions against others. I’m sorry, but you brought this on yourself. Anyone associated with RandomPlanet will be left alone, if you wish to leave we ask that you conduct yourself in a reasonable manner and kindly do so. If you wish to stay no actions or stigma will be taken against you. This I will enforce heavily; no one is ‘RandomPlanet’s guy/gal’ whatever. Just like I refuse to judge others collectively, I refuse to paint everyone with the same brush. Beldarean1 has been apologized to privately and publically, I hope many of you will think back to what occurred and whether you saw evidence or just hearsay. The servers will now be WHITE LISTED. This means that without a steam id people can’t just hand out the password and get anyone on there. This is non-negotiable. It helps us track who’s on there and protects us against various parties coming back and wrecking things as well. We are going to make a community charter/rule-set after this. Our rule of ‘don’t be a dick’ failed and we are going to put a basic ‘how we behave’ charter up. This will basically boil down to ‘treat others how you want to be treated.’ I apologize to the entire community for making this public. Too many people are involved, too many questions will be raised, and a ‘kick and ban’ wouldn’t cut it this time. I know by not making all of this public there could also be a MAJOR issue of RandomPlanet coming ‘at me’ and lying up one side and down the other of why, who, and what happened. Instead I took this course of action and it’s on me. RandomPlanet can go do whatever he wants now. I will not take this any further. I will take no other actions. I won’t ‘hold a grudge’ or ‘see him burn’. As far as I’m concerned and the Banarchy Community is concerned, we won’t be ‘seeking revenge’ or anything along those lines. I will however say that I will not support such a person in any way. And I think it goes without saying, I and the community will defend ourselves against any attacks. I think many people realize, as a streamer/public personality I don’t attack others. I don’t attack streamers. I don’t have ‘competition.’ I don’t verbally talk down on others. I also do my utmost to bring my community and my little corner of Twitch humor, positivity and good vibes. Literally every single one of those points seems to be the opposite of what RandomPlanet is doing in his stream/community. And, for those reasons, I cannot be associated with him. I know some people will be ‘torn’ on this, and let me assure you, from the Banarchy Community and myself, we will not ‘guilt by association’ anyone involved. As of today the slate will be wiped clean, and hopefully people realize I tried to handle this with kid gloves. After reviewing everything I could, there is a major chance for a ‘bent/bending’ truth from RandomPlanet, he could tar and feather me, the entire community, anyone on the mod team etc. That’s the exact reason I gathered as much information as I could AND made sure to check it out thoroughly. By ‘forgetting’ the truth or ‘bending’ things to his advantage, I knew approaching RandomPlanet was pointless, his words on his vods speak for him and are a very big reason, in my mind, he did this to himself. Finally, to RandomPlanet: I’m not sure why you behave this way, attacking others. ‘Shit talking’ or ‘trash talking’ others will not lead to the success you seek on Twitch, and if it somehow does you’ll be the leader of a toxic, mistrustful community that backstabs each other to advance. I really hope that’s not the kind of organization you are trying to build. I offered you and any streamer the means to use my server/community to build yourself up a bit as long as you ‘treat others how YOU want to be treated.’ Your actions and words ended that for you. I even remembered shouting you out one day because I saw you using our services and being part of the team. All of that is over because of how you acted. No one else is to blame but the man in the mirror. I hope you’ll learn from this and take actions to better yourself and your community, if not it’ll have periodic meltdowns/implosions as people fight each other within it and do whatever they can to ‘get to the top’. Our deals with each other are at an end, I hope you learn from this experience. Just to make this perfectly clear, I’m asking everyone in OUR community to leave RandomPlanet alone. Do not attack him. Do not trash talk him. Do not insult him, his staff, or his community. I want this to be 100% clear; anything you do TO him is 100% against anything I’m suggesting. I have no desire for a ‘war’ or any other childish notions. Our dealings are done. He isn’t part of our community anymore, and that is that. If anyone DOES go ‘out of their way’ to attack RandomPlanet, and I find out about it, I will consider that as an indication of wanting to leave the Banarchy Community as well. Please don’t make me kick someone over such childish behavior. Thank you everyone for reading, I apologize one last time for having to ‘air this dirty laundry’ and such, but there’s too much chance that RandomPlanet could try to lie his way out of this and do a ton of damage to our community, and, since I’m fighting with evidence, and not emotion, I wanted to prevent an avalanche of lies turning into something that hurt the Sons and Sisters. -Banlish