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  1. My weight loss story and ideas

    This is my weight loss story. At the start of 2017 I weighed 272 lbs now I weigh 235. The main thing I did was cut out soda and replaced it with water. Also started to watch what I ate less frozen foods and more fresh foods. Diet was the first step in the weight loss journey. to this point I've done little, exercise mostly because I've had a massive shoulder injury that I've been dealing with since November. This is a one-week food breakdown example: * Monday- Breakfast two egg whites, one slice sourdough bread, greek yogurt one banana. Lunch half sandwich turkey avocado tomato on whole wheat bread. Snack 15-20 small carrots. Dinner salmon baked with herbs and caramelized lemons, fragrant fried rice. * Tuesday- Breakfast smoked salmon and scrambled eggs. Lunch steak sandwich. Snack fragrant oranges. Dinner steak tacos with wasabi mayonnaise. *Wednesday- Breakfast blueberries, honey, almonds, and yogurt. Lunch salad of grilled asparagus and spinach. Snack two celery with cream cheese. Dinner baked chicken with eggplant, zucchini and tomato ragout. *Thursday- Breakfast pain perdu with raspberries and ricotta. Lunch couscous, fava beans, peas, and pancetta. Snack grilled pineapple with mint and toasted coconut. Dinner veal scallop with sauteed vegetable. *Friday- Breakfast baked egg florentine Lunch Avacado and cucumber soup. Snack cherries with almonds and mint. Dinner venison with sweet and sour peppers. *Saturday- Breakfast bircher muesli. Lunch avocado and black sesame sprinkle on sourdough. Snack homemade tortilla chips with pico de gallo dip. Dinner beetroot, coriander seed, and orange cured salmon with apple and celeriac salad. *Sunday- Breakfast spiced baked porridge. Lunch chip butty. Snack tangy fruit salad. Dinner slow-braised beef cheeks with pappardelle. Portion size is key with food and is also one of the hardest aspects of dieting at first. For me, I had to put my large bowls and plates into storage to help with this problem. Also making just what your going to eat then is another tool that will help with over eating. After my surgery, I will be starting a serious exercise regiment and I post my progress on that. As for now I just walk about 3-5 miles a day and that is mostly because of my dogs. I plan on posting my weight loss update regularly. And if anyone wants I can post specific recipes in detail or other food ideas.