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  1. Greetings, strangers!

    Welcome to the forums!
  2. Howdy

    Welcome. If I'm ever in need of an RN, I'll hit u up. Btw my wife is also a nurse. 😎 But look forward to fragging with ya.
  3. Hello Everyone

    Welcome to the forums.
  4. Hello

    Welcome Gary. I also don't game as much as I'd like .
  5. Hello there...

    i went into my steam games list and i guess i have played L4D2, cuz i own it lol
  6. Hello

    uXc is / was a gaming clan I was part of, it stands for unreal Xtreme chaos. Played COD and BF series. And before I joined unreal tournament.
  7. Hello

    So after seeing some of the other introductions I thought I better revamp mine. Hello, my name is JDOGG. I've been gaming since way way back when NES came out. Been gaming ever since. I've been married since 2003, been together since 1997. We have 4 kids, 15, 12, 6, & 2. I work full time 40-48 + hours a week. I ended up here after finding Banlish back in July 2016 playing fallout 4. Been hooked ever since. I was in a great clan called ~uXc~ been apart of that online fam since 2009.
  8. Saying Hi to forum

    Welcome. I thought about giving it a try.
  9. Greetings!

    Welcome to the forums!
  10. Peek A Ban!

    Oh boy now I better watch myself...
  11. Late but not forgotten

    Welcome to the best place on the internet!
  12. Hello there...

    I played the first L4D Welcome btw to the forums.
  13. Oh hellllllllllo

    Just kick it here with us and enjoy your stay.