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  1. Hello all. Here are the updated rules for the ARK Base Building Contest, please Contact Richiebob, Laurie or Tora if you are participating or would like to participate in the contest. Thanks. Bandana Nation Community Aberration Base Building Contest SERVER RULES ARE: - Server is currently Password protected to gain access talk to Richiebob, Laurie, Alyrius or Lazy, but will be whitelisted once whitelisting is fixed. - You only need to be a follower of Banlish to gain access to the server. - No building in/near resources, (Admins reserve the right to destroy the base if it doesn’t conform to requirements, if unsure, contact the admins please.) This is a PvE server, each tribe allowed 1 safe base, but may have 4x4x2 level outposts only. - Tribe size is limited to five (5) players - Tribe must be active on the server. CONTEST RULES ARE: *Admins do not provide support/compensations for mistakes made by players. They also reserve the right to disbar players from the competition and server for breaching rules, being obnoxious, cheating, causing too much drama/uproar and over-abusive language. - Base structure not including the surrounding gates are not going to be limited, at this time - If your base is deemed to be causing server issues, the admins will inform the contestants of any changes that may need to be made to their bases. HOW BASES ARE JUDGED: - Exterior and Interior (ie. Functionality) design and architectural quality. - Entries will be judged during live stream of Banlish (Time=TBD Date=02/14/2018) either by viewers voting or by panel of judges (staff members not participating) TBD TO GAIN ENTRY TO CONTEST AND SERVER: - Kindly contact Richiebob2, Laurie or Alyrius on discord. The contest will consist of tribes limited to 5 (five) players so entry will be closed once the judging date of 02/14/18 has been reached. (if more space is needed on the server we will get it) - If insufficient interest is garnered by the judging date, the contest will be postponed until a later date and players that enter the contest will be informed of the cancellation/postponement. In the event that occurs, there will be no compensations. - If you don't sign up with Richiebob2, Laurie or Alyrius you will be considered to not have any interest in participating in the contest and will not qualify for the award. SERVER STATS: - Crosshair enabled, 3rd person enabled, Resources x3, Taming x8, Mating Interval .025, Egg Hatch Speed 20, Baby Mature Speed 16 SERVER RESTARTS: *Admins reserve the right to restart the server as needed for bug fixes, updates to the game, whitelisting updates or by modifying server settings to include adding/removing mods. - Server currently conducts a restart every 12 hours, *no server wipe* at 12:00AM EST and 12:00PM EST. DISCORD: - Discord Channels will be provided for those who request to have one for the contest period. Contact Richiebob2 in Discord to request channel. MODS IMPLEMENTED: - Reusable Plus; Platforms Plus; Death Helper; Super Spyglass; Resource Stacks and Castles, Keeps, and Forts Medieval Architecture and eco’s RP Decor . More may be introduced later.
  2. Community Server Rules

    Steam and ingame name the same as Twitch please! If you have a name that can be considered offensive, please, please, change your steam name, or character name in game. Have some respect for your fellow players.... No Land Claim Blocks on Points of Interest or inside Cities. Be Respectful of Others. Don’t be a Dick. No Base Raiding No Griefing/Trolling Only the Admins of Banlish's channel may give out the password to any player on the server, regardless if they have been on it before. Griefing/Trolling Griefing and Trolling are defined for the purpose of Moderation as “Any action by a player that causes another player to feel less welcome and discourages them from continuing to play.” This is very vague on purpose. Examples of griefing and trolling are; Name calling Raiding Taunting or intentionally trying to get a rise out of someone Destroying property This is by no means an all-inclusive list. Basically, mind your business and only be helpful to others, if you cannot be nice, don’t talk. Just play and have fun. If you can only have fun at others expense, this is not the place for you. NO Talking of Politics or Religion in any way. It leads to nothing but drama and toxic reactions. Prefabricated Structures As there are many prefabricated structures in the world, this is a tricky area. Building in Cities is not allowed. This is defined as building on, or inside the road that surrounds cities. There is plenty of real estate outside cities to build. Leave the cities for looting only. This goes the same for land claims. No Land claims in cities. Cities are clusters of buildings that are connected by asphalt roads. There are buildings connected by dirt roads which are always 100% acceptable for private usage. Acceptable buildings for private usage if desired are limited to: Any building outside cities. You may break open doors/windows to allow access, however, further damage to the buildings other than in defense of zombie attacks, are bannable offenses. What does this mean? DO NOT DAMAGE THE BUILDINGS. They are only for looting. Any damage other than the normal wear and tear as decided by the admins, you will be banned. Please make every attempt to maintain the structural integrity of these buildings as they are useful to all. ANY BUILDING OUTSIDE OF A CITY may be utilized for PERSONAL base purposes if desired. You are responsible to ensure it is clear that you are living there. You must change the appearance to reflect such. If you are broken into, and an admin determines you did not make it clear you were living there (Land Claim, Locked Doors, Defensive Spikes, Plots), then it will be allowed. All prefabricated buildings are open claim unless otherwise previously stated. Respect all players Respect is the staple of this gaming community. Respect comes in many forms. Do not do anything that is disrespectful to another player (this includes Admins and staff). Always be polite to others and ask permission if you think it may offend them in some way. If you are in doubt, ask. PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE BEHAVIOR WILL BE TREATED AS TOXIC AND GRIEFING. If you are confronted by a moderator, be kind and respectful. There is no expectation to treat moderators better than other players as the expectation is already very high. It is understood that tensions and issues arise, keep in mind this is a game, and will be treated as such. In order to lower the tension, an Admin may remove you from the server temporarily. Do not take this action as an offense, it is only meant to remove the issue from public chat. They will then add you on steam to discuss the issue. If you do not respond, you will remain removed until you discuss with the admin. Specific Minecraft Rules - No Offensive Skins - No Destruction of other players buildings - No 1x1 "dirt" or other Block Towers - Always Fully remove trees; if you cut down a large amount of trees please replace them - Mind the size of your mobfarms/farms. While we have a Powerful server too many entities in the same area may still cause lag! - Keep the spawn area clear. No Building around the spawn! - No Killing, trapping, or harming other players - No Stealing ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ***These rules can change without notice, so make sure you revisit them to make sure you comply.***
  3. Emote Ideas!

    BanlishRIP - Not sure what it should look like, but need a RIP
  4. Current Clip List

    what what what what, who said.
  5. SERIOUS Eco Join Thread

    I would be interested and would pay for the game. You have all of my contact info already.
  6. Current Clip List

    Bot Broke. Need to add this clip. "Ban that SOB" - https://clips.twitch.tv/CrunchyTolerantDogeBCWarrior **ADDED**
  7. Windows 10 Anti Virus

    Thanks everyone for your thoughts. From the sounds of it Norton is junk now, so I will stay away from it. I will look into Avast, Malwarebytes and BitDefender.
  8. Windows 10 Anti Virus

    Hello all, I just rebuilt my rig and I upgraded to windows 10. The antivirus that I had no longer works and I am looking for a new anti virus for my computer. Any recommendations on which one to go with. I am leaning towards either Norton or Kaspersky. Your thoughts and opinions. Thanks.
  9. Need a gaming laptop

    Well, I would not build a laptop. I am not even sure its possible to build you own laptop. I would buy one. It all depends on what your looking at spending and what type of performance you a looking for. For example, you can get a good laptop that will run you between $800-$1300, that will run just about any of the games you want to play, but might be a little slow. You can spend around $3000 and get a top of the line laptop and not have any worries. Or you can go for something in between. I am also looking for a laptop once I get my finances in order and I am looking at either a MSI or a ASUS ROG laptop. Hope this helps.
  10. PAX EAST Mar 9th Evening meet up!

    I won't be at Pax East, maybe next year.
  11. Checking ARK Private Server Interest

    Thanks for the idea. Right now, there are not many who play on the ARK server, So it is a simple PVE server. Maybe we will get into PVP, but I do not think we will get there for sometime. Thanks though.
  12. Checking ARK Private Server Interest

    It is a monthly renewal. @Banlish
  13. Conan Server Info

    No problem. Enjoy and play fair.
  14. Conan Server Info

    Hello all, The name of the Bandana Nation Community Server is: Bandana Nation - PVE Server. Private Message a MOD on Discord for the Password. Server will be up 24x7, and rules/server wipe/etc will be determined shortly. Until then, play fair and be nice. Remember, this is the server to play on to get access to play with Ban on his server. This is NOT the server that Ban currently streams on.
  15. Conan Exiles

    So I picked up this morning and played a little. It looks like its going to be a kick ass game. I also rented a server, I got a discount, so I will post info on it soon.