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  1. hello and bonjour

    Bonjour tu as le dos
  2. G'day

    Well as you can tell from the title... answer 1. Yes I am Australian. Now to answer your second question after you chuckle that Australia is advanced enough to have the internet yes keep laughing and I will export all those lovely creatures that try to kill us on a daily basis. Now that niceties are out of the way I shall begin. Father of way to many children.. well 6.. but then the internet and gaming caught my eye (thank god the missus yells). My age you say... well you know how they say the older you are the wiser you are.... load of crap.. but I am 46 years old. Currently reside in the Sunshine State of Australia in queensland waaay out in the outback... ikr... Australia has internet even out in the bush.... ok stop laughing and I shall continue. Semi retired . Still work in Private Security but left the Forces few years back. Only semi retired because my teenage son resides with me.. and He to is addicted to gaming... Spare time I normally work on My old 69 XT Falcon or.. yea play games. Also mod for SupaBeaner... aka now known as El_SupaBean. Some of you I have already chatted with and laughed at... I mean with to the rest.. G'day Im Adrian from Aussieland.. where we drive on the DAMN correct side of the road and pleased to meet you all