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  1. G'day

    hello and g'day ANZAC. or i would say it here: bonjour et bienvenu. we seem to be the two new comers. i have your back if you have mine
  2. hello and bonjour

    Hello to all, I figured it would be nice to say hi. A brief presentation: i'm a 32 french girl (yes girl, i'm still 16 in my head). I was in the french air force for 10 years. Just got out recently so currently unemployed, but i have big dreams (and feasible ones) . I've been playing video games for less longer then most of you (information i gathered reading the presentation page ) but i've always been playing. from the first counter strike first opus to riwmorld. There is me in a nutshell. Wish you all a lovely day. micheline A.K.A laurine