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  1. This is a game i found in early access and has one of the best indy dev teams going Little green man (LGM), it's a space combat/ capital ship sim but's it's a real gem of a game I paid full prive and bought the DLCs when they dropped but they are giving the game away for free on steam. http://store.steampowered.com/app/236150/Starpoint_Gemini_2/ If you like space games go grab it and maybe pick up SPG2 War lords, also the first game was ported to this engine as a DLC called Origins so you get 2 games for free
  2. Mass Effect Character Models

    Well after some streamers(who i wont name) blew up and became hostile as hell at me for saying ME:A looked no better then ME1 I wanted to vent a little I also kind of did some digging into them. These people get review copies before other partnered streamers and have not had to pay for games or their PC's for a while. They are basically getting early access to advertise the games and make money via subs ect there is no way these people will ever be objective or even open to some one saying a game looks bad when they are part of the media/hype machine and to do so would mean they don't get access to these games ect. I mean I've seen how character models look in all the Mass effect games, hell in ME:A they changed the female lead in a day one patch and made her face look like she went 10 round with Mike Tyson. Yet some people are telling viewers hey this guy who buys his games and spends his own money on a gaming rig is wrong and this game looks amazing is fundamentally a problem gaming culture. Some streamers mislead because they fear loosing access to game ect early.... reviewers mislead because they fear not getting review copies so no one tells the truth. When you try to be objective you get shouted down, attacked by fan boys of bigger streamers and harassed until you go away.It's one of the reason I don't stream much now because some of these people have been DMing me some pretty hateful things and just making it hard to be objective when you play a game and want to inform people. When i've tried to bring this up with the streamer/community they laugh it off and well i've left those communities now I game/stream ect for fun not drama. Sorry this has kind of turning into a bit of rant now, but as i said I kind of wanted to vent. One thing I will say is that I've not seen Ban be like some of these people misleading others and shouting down peoples honest opinions which is very refreshing and one of the reasons I stick around here and try to take part in this community more then in others. Keep up the good work Ban and all those who help him, you guys are doing great things.
  3. Mass Effect Character Models

    So i've been playing some Mass Effect 1, 2 and 3 before getting into ME:A, I can 100% confirm mass effect Character models in the frostbite engine look awful at max settings in 4k x2k Res. ME2 ME1 with 4k textures and soft shader (10 years old) ME:A Not only are the quality of the models worse in ME:A the hair teleports all over the place and goes blurry too look play dough. This is with the latest Nvidia drivers running SLI GTX 1080s. I can also report a lot of flicker after transitioning from menus, frame drops to 25 FPS that make the game stutter a lot and even lock the game to 25FPS some times after changing screens. Only way to get a flat 60 FPS with 4k x 2k is to lower the settings to medium/high and that's using SLI 1080's 32 GB DDR 4 and over clocked i7 6700k with the game on my SSD.
  4. Conan Exiles

    I built a tower on top of a high point to get this view or a friends build on the RP server we play on, really loving the building in Conan and the game looks good and has a lot of fun things to do best played with a few people as it can be very hard solo to get things done. This was at 4k x 2k with max settings.
  5. Conan Exiles

    I'm already on my RP server of choice with some very good Rper/streamers should be a blast once I get my gaming rig sorted again...until then i'm on D3 and messing with Tek Tier.
  6. Upgrade time June 2016

    Basically my stuff keeps getting broken or having faults ....and i'm not sure what to do any more apart from cry
  7. Checking ARK Private Server Interest

    I play on several ark servers most of them are are Role play PVP which means there are rules around raiding and killing people/dino's whihle RP is not for everyone pve only servers can get a little stale. I play on one None RP server that is set up the Island on this server we have a pvp island and arena build for fun times and server events this helps when people want blow off steam and pve gets a little stale and i'd recommend keeping the server pvp/pve and have server rules governing pvp.
  8. Conan Exiles

    Devs said official servers can handle 70 players max in their streams.
  9. Upgrade time June 2016

    Got my system back today in part, it had a fault 12v rail which meant it needed a new PSU....had to send it away in bits on the 10th for testing get it back today and the MoBo is FUBAR....both gpus work fine in the top slot but nothing works in slot 2 ...........Stripping it down and sending it back for a new MoBo number 3 now....thing is it was working when they tested it because i have the benchmarks showing it worked on the 25th ....something is very wrong with the couriers in my area.
  10. "I'm a pretty pink butterfly!"

    Pink saddle and then your work is done
  11. JDogg's Rig

    Looking good i see i'm not the only one who keeps and notepad and pen handy at all times too.
  12. Upgrade time June 2016

    So i installed my new "FIxed" EVGA 1080 FTWs today I ran Time spy benchmark and scored 12,000 ish which is a little lower then i'd like but still pretty good for none overclocked GPUs. I then run heaven at ultra 2560x1600 Res ....I notice the GPUs running hotter then my old ones and boosting to a lower clock speed at full load ...half way through the test ...black screen and 100% fan speed which is the reason I was sent out new ones ....since June i've had 6 yes SIX EVGA 1080 FTW that don't work as they should right now i'm calm but part of me wants to scream because that's like £1500 on 2x GPUs that still don't work after 6 months. I checked the serial numbers with EVGA...they have the new thermal mods fitted and the New VBIOS...which should mean they run cooler and don't cut out ....but yeah I'm stumped now. It's ok it's just geek speak for should i put a new gpu into my older rig.
  13. Requesting Streamer Access

    I am a streamer, well some times at least could I please get tagged as one here as I am already in the discord. Thanks in advance
  14. Upgrade time June 2016

    As if by magic a box came today and now i have 4x EVGA 1080 FTW ...but 2 will be sent back once the new ones are fitted still looks good to me though. Maybe I could put one in my old rig but the 8GB or DDR3 and the old i5 2500k may bottle neck also the MotherBoard is only PCI-E 2.0 and the GPU's are 3.0 so would throttle a little like 3-5% on a single GPU due to that, it would get a full 16 lanes so wouldn't be an issue. Any thoughts on running a GTX1080 on an i5 2500k? Everything I've read seems to point to there not being a problem as PCI-E 2.0 x16 is basically 3.0 x8, but the ram might be a little low so i'd need 8GB more taking it to 16. As the i7 6700k is limited to 20 lanes in SLI it drops to 8+8(but both GPU's load too 100% @ 2050Mhz so i see no bottle necking problems). Cost wise I see no need to get a CPU with 40 PCI-E lanes yet to go with 16+16 as 8+8 works fine on the 1080s.
  15. So as we all know Ark is a perfect game without any bugs only features ....so let me get the ball rolling with the woman the size of a quetzal taken in December this year. Here I was boating about in my Dingy when I noticed something strange I asked some people to come over and check it wasn't my end was server side after a little poking at it with a stick we found out ....it had a head .... It was some kind of hybrid quetzal-Brood mother- woman beastie but it wasn't a bug it was a feature. Feel free to add any pictures of features you find in ark while on your travels