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  1. What's Your Origin Story...?

    Well you see. When a mommy and a daddy love each other very much. They go to the store and buy some cake mix and they bake a cake. And then they accidentally have me.
  2. Gamewisp Suggestion Box

    Are you a sub OR looking to be a sub on Gamewisp but are hoping for more/different rewards?! Well good news everyone! We're opening a suggestion box for you! While there have been many things suggested throughout Banlish's stream this will be a place for you to share, look at and enhance other people's ideas on what you want to see on Gamewisp. If you haven't seen the Gamewisp page here is the link -> https://gamewisp.com/banlish <- so you know what is already in place. We're welcoming any ideas. ANY. Regardless of if they have already been discussed already.
  3. Boss Names!

    Help Name And Rank Bosses For !boss In Chat As you know! Anhkbot has a boss arena that we use in chat! We want your ideas for names of potential bosses and even their rankings in power. The Bosses on the list currently are the ones we have in right now. The #1 Ranking Boss is the strongest boss we have right now and we do not want to put anything higher than that. (Trust me it's VERY strong.) So Please, Leave a name you might want for a boss and if you feel like, go ahead and give it an ideal ranking so we know how strong to make it! We have a lot of space between the number 2 and 3 ranking to work with so feel free to re-rank in there accordingly. Frosttyn Nascar Watcher Cookies \o/ Big Jerk!
  4. Gamewisp Updates!

    Updates to All Sub Levels! 1. Discord Connection should be fixed (we hope) We noticed there was a second role some how so it should be able to add you properly to the GW Sub role on Discord. If you are a sub and do not see a GW Sub Text Chat in Discord please let us know so we know there is an issue and work to fix it. 2. Displayed Info on GW Emotes and Icons for in chat use! GW is integrating with chat mods like FFZ and BTTV so you are able to see and use these. You must check in on their current connections so you know whether the mod you are using can show these. As of this moment (6/15/2017) the only connection is FFZ, other chat mods connections are known to be on their way. https://www.frankerfacez.com/ 3. Added Increased Boss Chances for GW Subs! The tiers for all viewer levels have been adjusted to face the chat bosses! GW Subs have DOUBLE the stats that Twitch subs do against the chat bosses! This means it's double the chances of winning as well. HOWEVER you still need your various allies in chat to help because the more of you that go against the boss, the more likely you are to win! So be sure to recruit your fellow viewers against the coming storm! 4. Currency bonuses have been changed completely! There is no longer and instant bonus and the monthly has been updated. It is based off of a combined and multiplied version of the prior currency bonuses so you are getting much more per month. There will be potential updates in the future so keep your eyes open for those! ALSO: All currency bonuses are added AFTER stream time. DO NOT expect to get it the second you sub. This is done on the Mod's time frame. Any left over bonuses for currency will be given out within the week.
  5. ~Artists In The Community~ Streamers and Youtubers! If you are looking for any type of art for your community then this is the spot for you! Look for the artist with the style that will work for your channel or maybe even more! Please ensure that when you contact the artist that the following format will be best regardless of the means used. (I.E Discord/Twitter/Twitch, etc.) Artists of the Community and Beyond! This is your space to show off what you can do! If you would like to help Streamers, Youtubers (and whatever else there may be) then this is the spot to do it! We want you show off samples of your work and give streamers the opportunity to contact you. Please use the following format to help you show off what you've got!
  6. Emote Ideas!

    Post Your Banlish Emote Ideas Below! Currently all the emotes for twitch subs are in the process of being remade! What does this mean for your ideas that you might have? Well we want to know them! Comment below with the following formats to help us get ideas for what to use. **Anything submitted will be considered property of Banlish's Channel so please do not post if this makes you uncomfortable in any way.** Drawn Emotes: Emotes that will need to be drawn in need either a detailed description of what you feel it might be or place a quick sketch of what you might want! It does NOT have to be a perfect representation. (It could be a stick figure for all we care) That way we can sort of see what you were thinking. **Remember: Drawings are NOT required but are OPTIONAL** Image Emotes: Anything taken from a clip or screenshot of Banlish is considered an Image Emote. You must give us a source material to look at for this. This means finding a clip (either by our list or going into a VoD and clipping it there) and posting it with your comment. Idea Format:
  7. Day 500 is coming! We're halfway to our goal! Banlish is coming up on his 500th day streaming STRAIGHT! That mean NO breaks, NO days off! This is the halfway mark to the current everyday streaming goal! We want your input on what you believe Banlish should do! Leave a comment below on how you think we should celebrate the day on stream with you! NOTE: There will be NO pink onesie and NO 24 hour stream. These ideas will be dismissed instantly, we apologize but that is the way it is.
  8. Donating Games to the Stream Here in the Banarchy Community we love to help people get new games and share some love every weekend! YES! Every weekend. If you are one of the few who would love to give a game to stream here is what you can do. 1. First thing is to get the game code. (There are several places like Humble Bundle and Green Man Gaming) 2. Contact one of the following mods or @Banlish himself on EITHER Discord or HERE on the forum in private. @Wrathfulmonk @Pambolina21 @Frosttyn 3. Use the following as a format to send the game code: Your Username (Necessary if you use a different one on discord than your twitch.) Game Title :: Game Code Currently, games bought on steam will go through a few extra steps until further notice. Games given will be added to the donation killboard in Banlish's channel info for your name. You do NOT need to give us any information on what you have spent since we currently have a system in place to do this easily. From Banlish and the Staff of Banarchy, we thank you all for every donation made to the community!
  9. SERIOUS Eco Join Thread

    We are looking for people who will seriously buy and join in on Eco. Buy Eco here: http://www.strangeloopgames.com/eco/ To learn more quick info about it: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1037798999/eco-global-survival-game Eco Wiki: http://eco.gamepedia.com/ECO_Wiki Eco is a multiplayer civilization/survival game where what you do and create can change the environment for the good or the bad. The players create an economy and laws. This means that there is a justice system that can be put in effect. This game IS in alpha which means that there will be up and down times in this game. If you would like to be put on a serious join list, vote above and comment with places we can reach you when we find we are able to do this. If you are considering this, just place your vote, so we know how many people might join as long as they see gameplay or something along those lines.
  10. Need a gaming laptop

    I would say both companies that Richie is looking into is well worth look. MSI can be found here: https://us.msi.com/Laptops/ ASUS Republic of Gamers can be found here: https://www.asus.com/ROG-Republic-Of-Gamers/Notebooks-Products/ If you plan on building then I would say look into ibuypower, newegg, and falcon northwest (falcon NW will be the more expensive option) https://www.ibuypower.com/ https://www.newegg.com/ https://www.falcon-nw.com/
  11. Heat Changing Mug

    I personally cannot be 100% about the full details on it since @Banlishlooked into and not me so it's definitely a thing to get more info on from Ban.
  12. Hours spent on steam

    http://www.mysteamgauge.com/account?username=Frosttyn Over the last 3 years, you've spent 2491.6 hours playing this selection, which includes 66 items, and requires 287.4 GB
  13. Heat Changing Mug

    If you are somebody who wants a HEAT CHANGING MUG that goes from black to a pink (or maybe another color?) bandana add yourself to the count! Go to > this poll < to add your name to the list of people who would want one if we did it!
  14. Good Bundle?

    @Wrathful-Monk no lie, i've been looking into these as well because it would be nice to have my art right on the computer.
  15. Colors!

    Sailor Scout Symbols (Back After Getting Wisdom Teeth Pulled!) @ https://www.twitch.tv/frosttyn