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  1. So many of you have probably heard me say here and there that we have community servers that ANYONE is allowed to come onto if they meet the following conditions: 1. Follower of the channel 2. 12 hours+ viewing the channel if they type 'bucks' into the chat. 3. Treat others how you want to be treated So now that's out of the way, many of us in the community wanted to make sure you ALL knew what servers and games we're running so you can join us if you want to. 1. 7 days to die (Starvation mod) - we are running a server atm that is on only during the stream, we are looking for people that want to join us. Please contact Lazy8244 if you'd like to join us! 2. ARK - (Modded for quality of life improvements) - this is a great game that has a solid core in our Community, if you are interested in joining it please message: Richiebob2 or Lady Tora. They can teach you the basics up to the most advanced, from gathering resources, training, taming and breeding dinos. 3. Minecraft (Feed the Beast Infinity Evolved) - This is something we're looking to get going fully, so we're looking for people that want to join this server and start a community from scratch, if we get 6+ ppl we'll do a 'Minecraft' day where a ton of us come on and play together. It won't be on the stream but we can all have fun together doing so. If you'd like to help be part of that, or be someone who wants to help us recruit others for it, let Lazy8244 know. 4. Mechwarrior Online - This is our attempt to get a MWOmercs.com unit going, all we do atm are currently grinding matches in prep to start doing work together as a unit. I will be doing 'MWO' streams at certain points during the week and ANYONE from the unit will have an invite to help out if you want. We also play this OFF stream and we'd love more people to do things with, please consider talking to WrathfulMonk or Shattersparkz on discord for invites. The whole point is to get more and more people to be on our servers so we can have people playing together, having fun and eventually play OTHER games together. We're a gaming community and this is another step down the road of bringing that to a higher level. Any questions please ask in THIS thread: Thanks and I hope we can see some response on this, if we do, I can open MORE servers and gaming communities up for everyone. Have a great day and talk to you soon. -Banlish
  2. If there are any questions or suggestions, this would be a good place to put any questions. Answers coming to anything that comes.
  3. New Mods/Staff members sought!

    Update again! We're up to 9 people on the list atm, still giving this a few more days till I 'close it' and begin reviewing all the people on it.
  4. New Mods/Staff members sought!

    Updating this, I've already received 6 new people that want to 'throw their application into the ring' along with a few others past that before I made this thread. I'm still looking for more, thank you so far. Any questions, ask below
  5. Hello again all, I'm looking for new Mods and Staff members, here's the basics: We are currently looking for new Mods/Staff members - yep, it's that time of the year again, if you want to help wrangle the channel but NOT go on a power trip send ME a personal message on discord saying so. 1. Channel Mods: We are ideally looking for non-streamers (streamers may apply) that are in the AUS/NZ, morning EU and early morning US TZs. (Though ANY TZ person may apply.) We are trying to stream more often 4am EST till noon EST over the course of the week. 2. Server Admins: People with server building experience (game servers on cloud/remote solutions) are also sought after, 3. Community Managers/Helpers: Finally we are looking for people with community manager skills (dealing with people OFF stream that use our server, discord, forum and website). These are people that are just willing to field questions in the forums/discord/channel that people ask all the time. Those are the things we are actively seeking. However, we know there might be better things or people we could use as simple Volunteers, if you can think of something we're lacking and wish to help, let me know either here OR in a DM on discord. DMs here aren't the best, but I'll do my best to check them! -Ban
  6. Gamewisp Suggestion Box

    Seriously tho, I need more suggestions if you guys and gals have seen something AWESOME from another streamer we can use, let me know, NOW is the time
  7. HI

    Welcome aboard Ialwaysdie my grandfather was a school bus driver and his friend in his company was also a school bus driver so I smile when I see more guys helping kids get to and from school. I never went to far into the Command and Conquer franchise past Red Alert, but the sniper stuff really was painful from what I heard and I wasn't that good so I stayed away from it. Glad to have you aboard
  8. Graphical Bug

    Happens often, BUT you can change it by hitting around the area and 'breaking' the back end. It's annoying but it isn't 'there' it just looks like that, 90% of the time. Nothing too major, it's just an annoying glitch is all.
  9. Starting Over

    Hrm, that's a very tough question, you might want to try to take re-education classes that I believe offered to vets as a retraining package. If not was there anything you used to do as a craft that you enjoyed that you might be able to make a living at? Whether wood working, electronics, putting together PC's, etc etc? This is one of those times where I'd fully suggest checking out this forum: https://www.reddit.com/r/personalfinance/ I'm trying to help where I can, but honestly this is out of my realm of expertise. They'll have much better advice, the pool of advice is larger so I'm 100% glad I can suggest it. Do what you can via it and let me know if and when you post there and I'd love to at least see if GOOD advice comes from it. Many are worried or adverse to using reddit. Don't be, the majority of people, especially on that sub reddit, are VERY good people it seems and keep the trolls out.
  10. New here.

    @hixenator is that where you'll be living for the next years or can you just go where you want and setup or is the RV part out of your life?
  11. G'day All!

    Ah finally he's here, sorry this took a while to see, this month has been insane. How's life going for you anyway @Rightoff115 hopefully well, and I think you moved out of your latest house recently to a new place? Either way, hope all is well buddy, I'll be checking the forums more these days so let me know and o7m8
  12. I'm looking into this, I'm JUST waiting for the netcode to be fixed so I can make sure we can get on. If there's a decent amount of people that want to see it and/or play it, I'm not against going back TO it. It's just that it would need to be at least 15+ or there's no reason to rent a server if it's going to be empty in 2 weeks. See what I mean? Much appreciated man as always
  13. We're not done with 7 days entirely, but we are getting back to our roots as a variety stream. As such, I wanted to see if you guys wanted me to put up a community server for Dark and Light that we can all play on together and try some things out for Sunday the 3rd of Sept. This doesn't mean we'll never go back to 7 days, just that this next weekend we'll give some time to Dark and light and do the 'event' (their version of horde night). So vote it up and we'll look at this often, any questions can be asked down below. Thank you!
  14. Clear and free.....

    Now this, makes me SMILE large man, like really large. I guess the next part is, do you have 6 months of expensses saved up, utilites, mortage, gasoline, groceries, etc? If that's there then you put 15% away for retirement between you and the wife's retirement accounts, and plow the rest into the house being paid off early. Also you said Childrens savings plans with high interest, have you investigated doing 529b plans for your kids? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/529_plan OR maybe a educational IRA for each child? Which if they don't go to college, they could then 'take' at say 25 or whatever and just have a massive down payment for their houses? http://www.investopedia.com/terms/e/educationira.asp I LOVE seeing your post, it makes me smile ear to EAR that you've gotten yourself in that position and if you want to talk further, just let me know. I'm truly happy for you man, the 'next' thing to work on, is how fast we can build your wealth so you can be a millionaire. And not 'just to have money' but to 'retire without worry'. That's awesome news man, Seriously FREAKING Awesome!