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  1. Community Servers! 2.0

    Minecraft <3
  2. Emote Ideas!

    Also, agree with Ban heart upgrade.
  3. Emote Ideas!

  4. !survivor Suggestions

    <3 Thanks Monk
  5. A wild Hodor appears...

  6. !survivor Suggestions

    Uuuuuuhhhh hunt? hurt? **Fixed
  7. Current Clip List

    ^ What Pam said.
  8. !survivor Suggestions

    Needs edited **Fixed
  9. Howdy Y'all

  10. !survivor Suggestions

    ....are in a room labeled "Grammar Gremilin" where they find a crazy math teacher correcting everyone's spelling and grammar. **Added
  11. Windows 10 Anti Virus

    Side note: Malwarebytes also has a free version since I didn't mention that before Lol.
  12. Windows 10 Anti Virus

    We use malwarebytes. https://www.malwarebytes.com/ My husband immediately said no to Norton Lol. He says it's a resource hog and not as good anymore.
  13. !survivor Suggestions

    ^^ This one drives me crazy! There needs to be punctuation! user can see an old wooden chest. They open it to find a medium sized box. They open that to find a small wooden box. They open that to find a small sack of ban bucks! ^^So much better and easier to read Or even commas instead of ending sentences. But right now it makes no sense Lol @Wrathful-Monk <3 **Edited
  14. Hours spent on steam

    Lol. I don't think it counts those offline hours....
  15. Hours spent on steam

    @Pambolina21 Like actually have steam in offline mode? That's what I'm talking about. Not just changing your status to offline but playing while steam is actually in offline mode.