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Found 2 results

  1. Look at my cats. LOOK AT THEM.

    Sir Noodles of House Pickle, Baron of Atlanta, first of his name, scratcher of posts Lady Agnes of House Pickle, Baroness of my chest while I'm trying to freaking sleep, keeper of laps
  2. Hi guys! I'm an art streamer, on top of gaming, so I have my little art setup here. My rig on one side, drafting table and supplies to the left. Bonus cats under drafting table. My rig is a couple years old now and has had some upgrades, but she's not a top tier PC anymore...still an A-lister I'd say though. Intel i7 3930k super hamster (multithreading, good for graphic design and video editing, not recommended for casual gamers as it's expensive) Cooled by a Cosair H110i GT ice machine Installed on an Asus Rampage IV Extreme motherboard (do not recommend, as it's got its durability issues...performs well, just hasn't lasted gracefully) GTX 970 monitor goblin, complete with a full set of crayons 16 gb RAM downloaded from the interwebs 6 gb @7200 RPM of digital bookshelves to store my uh...books...yeah my books. Totally not porn. Creative Soundblaster Zx so it can sing to me clearly (with desktop knobs so I can pretend to be a DJ or something) Blackwidow Ultimate to takka takka and Steelseries Sensei to clicky clicky I had a Logitech Artemis 633 headset, but I prefer my crappy Turtle Beach x12 until I find something better suited for my giant head. As for my art stuffs, I do lots of different things. Wacom Cintiq 12wx until I can afford to upgrade. Two 1080p Logitech webcams (facecam and art cam) Lots of pencil (ebony and Prismacolor) drawings. Sculpting with polymer clay. Painting now and then, but I'm not a huge fan of it. Some cosplay design and assembly, but I need to get a sewing machine to carry on with that. Hopefully soon I can get some better lighting and a couple webcam mounts to continue streaming the art things. In the meantime, if you have any questions about it, I'm happy to answer!