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Mass Effect Character Models

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So i've been playing some Mass Effect 1, 2 and 3 before getting into ME:A, I can 100% confirm mass effect Character models in the frostbite engine look awful at max settings in 4k x2k Res. 




ME1 with 4k textures and soft shader (10 years old)





Not only are the quality of the models worse in ME:A the hair teleports all over the place and goes blurry too look play dough. This is with the latest Nvidia drivers running SLI GTX 1080s. I can also report a lot of flicker after transitioning from menus, frame drops to 25 FPS that make the game stutter a lot and even lock the game to 25FPS some times after changing screens.


Only way to get a flat 60 FPS with 4k x 2k is to lower the settings to medium/high and that's using SLI 1080's 32 GB DDR 4 and over clocked i7 6700k with the game on my SSD.  

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Well after some streamers(who i wont name) blew up and became hostile as hell at me for saying ME:A looked no better then ME1 I wanted to vent a little I also kind of did some digging into them. 


These people get review copies before other partnered streamers and have not had to pay for games or their PC's for a while. They are basically getting early access to advertise the games and make money via subs ect there is no way these people will ever be objective or even open to some one saying a game looks bad when they are part of the media/hype machine and to do so would mean they don't get access to these games ect.


I mean I've seen how character models look in all the Mass effect games, hell in ME:A they changed the female lead in a day one patch and made her face look like she went 10 round with Mike Tyson. Yet some people are telling viewers hey this guy who buys his games and spends his own money on a gaming rig is wrong and this game looks amazing is fundamentally a problem gaming culture. Some streamers mislead because they fear loosing access to game ect early.... reviewers mislead because they fear not getting review copies so no one tells the truth.


When you try to be objective you get shouted down, attacked by fan boys of bigger streamers and harassed until you go away.It's one of the reason I don't stream much now because some of these people have been DMing me some pretty hateful things and just making it hard to be objective when you play a game and want to inform people. When i've tried to bring this up with the streamer/community they laugh it off and well i've left those communities now I game/stream ect for fun not drama. 


Sorry this has kind of turning into a bit of rant now, but as i said I kind of wanted to vent.


One thing I will say is that I've not seen Ban be like some of these people misleading others and shouting down peoples honest opinions which is very refreshing and one of the reasons I stick around here and try to take part in this community more then in others. 


Keep up the good work Ban and all those who help him, you guys are doing great things. 

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Well, I have not played this game yet, but as my brother had played ME:A, as he said that even though its animations may not be the best, but this game offers hours and hours of action and entertainment, massively vast universe full of stuff to do and it had very engaging story.
Next month I am also going to purchase it from an
Instant Gaming online store which is reminded of my brother. After playing it, I will definitely give you the my opinions regarding this.

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