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Starting Over

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A little background on me. I was enlisted in the Army for 11 years. In 2009 I was injured while deployed. I currently get $976 a month and that sufficed for many years. I used a lot of my savings in 2010 to purchase an RV and my Jeep that I bought in 1999 was paid off. I had no debt. I traveled for many years and in February of this year I lost everything in a fire. My RV caught fire and burned everything including my Jeep. I got $4k in insurance but now I find myself in an apartment and struggling to restart. I haven't worked since 2010 when I was released from active duty. Due to my injuries and very long gap in work experience it is very difficult to find work. I am wondering how do I start over? Between food and living expenses I have about $3 that isn't allocated to something. I don't know if I could work at a minimum wage job like fast food or something similar (which I have applied to but no love so far). Where do I start? I just realized that this could look like a "oh woe is me" post but I assure you it is not. I have everything I "need" but now I want to start working towards what I want.

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Hrm, that's a very tough question, you might want to try to take re-education classes that I believe offered to vets as a retraining package.  


If not was there anything you used to do as a craft that you enjoyed that you might be able to make a living at?  Whether wood working, electronics, putting together PC's, etc etc?


This is one of those times where I'd fully suggest checking out this forum:  https://www.reddit.com/r/personalfinance/    I'm trying to help where I can, but honestly this is out of my realm of expertise.  They'll have much better advice, the pool of advice is larger so I'm 100% glad I can suggest it.  Do what you can via it and let me know if and when you post there and I'd love to at least see if GOOD advice comes from it.   Many are worried or adverse to using reddit.  Don't be, the majority of people, especially on that sub reddit, are VERY good people it seems and keep the trolls out.

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