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Graphical Bug

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If this is a bad place to put this just delete this post.


I have searched google extensively and found nothing on a little graphical issue that lately I have run into. 


I just want to know if anyone has ever had this happen to them.



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Happens often, BUT you can change it by hitting around the area and 'breaking' the back end.  It's annoying but it isn't 'there' it just looks like that, 90% of the time.  Nothing too major, it's just an annoying glitch is all.

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Thanks Banlish for the reply and you are correct that in some cases it goes away when you hit something in the area. However with my system it remained no matter what I did and even if it did go away it would also reappear in an instant. 


Finally was able to reproduce some aspects of it consistently and here is my best guess on what is happening.


Think it may be tied to view distance as I had it to the minimum to increase FPS.  I set it to highest in options and I don't get this anymore unless I'm moving very fast on my minibike but it corrects itself rather quickly upon stopping.


Seems the game renders things a certain way when they are outside the view distance and then updates it to more detail when it's inside this range.  In the video I'm right on top of the issue so this updating might be possibly chunk related and part of it might be outside the view distance causing it to remain?


This only also seems to happen near POI's as our base is on top of a large Hospital and we demolished the parts of it we don't use to keep the zombie respawns away other than at ground level. This glitch would cause the hospitals demolished parts to reappear and remain making gameplay annoying as  hell.


This may not be an issue on a PC with decent performance. 


I have a GTX 1050 Ti Graphics card on an old AMD A10 5800K CPU.


The CPU is hitting close to 100% if I do anything other then just play this game at the same time. Sometimes even then it still does on occasion.


Hopefully this all helps.

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