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Hello Everyone!!!


My real name is Joe I am a School Bus Driver from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  When I am not taking the kids to school and back I am active in all things computer related.  I love playing video games which I have been doing since the Atari days. I play games on both PC and Console depending on which platform I like the game on. I am a self taught developer and can make basic apps, desktop programs, and have done some minor game development using Unity. 


The Ialwysdie name I have used since a game called Command and Conquer Renegade where I would play sniper only matches and get totally owned. However I kept it as in any new game I would often die a lot and a lot of time in hilarious manners.  So then I decided to do it on purpose and chase people with grenades rather then throw them, and shoot rockets at peoples feet in fps games.


In 7 days to Die I feel the game is purposely killing me as every time I seem to get over 100 health and stamina I get ambushed by packs of dogs or some zombie snuck on me  that I swear that was not even nearby. Nearly had a heart attack when I one time saw a pack of Zombie bears run through.


My PC is getting a bit old and accidentally bought PUBG and BF1 watching people play on stream without checking requirements so hanging in there till I get some needed upgrades err actually NEW SYSTEM as upgrade is not an option as It's the CPU that's the problem.


Well it's nice to be here and hope everyone Is having fun.


Ialwysdie now dieing off  hehe.



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Woot! Welcome fellow sacrafice to the gods of deat.... wait... Wrong welcome.  

Greetings and salutations Fellow!
     It will be great to see ya runnin around on the servers! =)

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Welcome aboard Ialwaysdie ;)  my grandfather was a school bus driver and his friend in his company was also a school bus driver so I smile when I see more guys helping kids get to and from school.   


I never went to far into the Command and Conquer franchise past Red Alert, but the sniper stuff really was painful from what I heard and I wasn't that good so I stayed away from it.  


Glad to have you aboard :D

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