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Gamewisp Suggestion Box

Yay Suggestions~!  

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  1. 1. Don't you just love making suggestions?

    • Yes, suggestions are great and fun!
    • No, why would I want to that?
    • Maybe......
    • Why bother when Ban should clearly be making Frosttyn some pancakes. Geez, Ban, Get with it already.

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Are you a sub OR looking to be a sub on Gamewisp but are hoping for more/different rewards?! Well good news everyone! We're opening a suggestion box for you! While there have been many things suggested throughout Banlish's stream this will be a place for you to share, look at and enhance other people's ideas on what you want to see on Gamewisp. If you haven't seen the Gamewisp page here is the link -> https://gamewisp.com/banlish <- so you know what is already in place. We're welcoming any ideas. ANY. Regardless of if they have already been discussed already.



Please Make Sure To Use The Following Format For Your Suggestions (Or at least include the idea of it)


Idea: (What it is/should be called)

Tier: (Which of the tiers would you like to see this in?)
More Info: (What does it do or what you want to see from/on it.)


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Seriously tho, I need more suggestions if you guys and gals have seen something AWESOME from another streamer we can use, let me know, NOW is the time :D

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