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New Mods/Staff members sought!

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Hello again all, 

I'm looking for new Mods and Staff members, here's the basics: 

We are currently looking for new Mods/Staff members - yep, it's that time of the year again, if you want to help wrangle the channel but NOT go on a power trip send ME a personal message on discord saying so.


1.  Channel Mods:  We are ideally looking for non-streamers (streamers may apply) that are in the AUS/NZ, morning EU and early morning US TZs. (Though ANY TZ person may apply.)    We are trying to stream more often 4am EST till noon EST over the course of the week.


2.  Server Admins People with server building experience (game servers on cloud/remote solutions) are also sought after,


3.  Community Managers/Helpers:  Finally we are looking for  people with community manager skills (dealing with people OFF stream that use our server, discord, forum and website).  These are people that are just willing to field questions in the forums/discord/channel that people ask all the time.  


Those are the things we are actively seeking.  However, we know there might be better things or people we could use as simple Volunteers, if you can think of something we're lacking and wish to help, let me know either here OR in a DM on discord.  DMs here aren't the best, but I'll do my best to check them!



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Updating this, I've already received 6 new people that want to 'throw their application into the ring' along with a few others past that before I made this thread.  I'm still looking for more, thank you so far.  Any questions, ask below :D  

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Update again!

We're up to 9 people on the list atm, still giving this a few more days till I 'close it' and begin reviewing all the people on it.

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