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Recruiting for our COMMUNITY SERVERS

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So many of you have probably heard me say here and there that we have community servers that ANYONE is allowed to come onto if they meet the following conditions:


1. Follower of the channel

2. 12 hours+ viewing the channel if they type 'bucks' into the chat.

3.  Treat others how you want to be treated


So now that's out of the way, many of us in the community wanted to make sure you ALL knew what servers and games we're running so you can join us if you want to.


1.  7 days to die (Starvation mod) - we are running a server atm that is on only during the stream, we are looking for people that want to join us.  Please contact Lazy8244 if you'd like to join us!


2.  ARK - (Modded for quality of life improvements) - this is a great game that has a solid core in our Community, if you are interested in joining it please message:  Richiebob2 or Lady Tora.  They can teach you the basics up to the most advanced, from gathering resources, training, taming and breeding dinos.  


3.  Minecraft (Feed the Beast Infinity Evolved) - This is something we're looking to get going fully, so we're looking for people that want to join this server and start a community from scratch, if we get 6+ ppl we'll do a 'Minecraft' day where a ton of us come on and play together.  It won't be on the stream but we can all have fun together doing so.  If you'd like to help be part of that, or be someone who wants to help us recruit others for it, let Lazy8244 know.  


4.  Mechwarrior Online - This is our attempt to get a MWOmercs.com unit going, all we do atm are currently grinding matches in prep to start doing work together as a unit.  I will be doing 'MWO' streams at certain points during the week and ANYONE from the unit will have an invite to help out if you want.   We also play this OFF stream and we'd love more people to do things with, please consider talking to WrathfulMonk or Shattersparkz on discord for invites.  




The whole point is to get more and more people to be on our servers so we can have people playing together, having fun and eventually play OTHER games together.  We're a gaming community and this is another step down the road of bringing that to a higher level.


Any questions please ask in THIS thread:  



Thanks and I hope we can see some response on this, if we do, I can open MORE servers and gaming communities up for everyone.  Have a great day and talk to you soon.



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