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ARK Aberration Base Building Contest

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Hello all.  Here are the updated rules for the ARK Base Building Contest, please Contact Richiebob, Laurie or Tora if you are participating or would like to participate in the contest.  Thanks.


Bandana Nation Community Aberration Base Building Contest

- Server is currently Password protected to gain access talk to Richiebob, Laurie, Alyrius or Lazy, but will be whitelisted once whitelisting is fixed.
- You only need to be a follower of Banlish to gain access to the server.
- No building in/near resources, (Admins reserve the right to destroy the base if it doesn’t conform to requirements, if unsure, contact the admins please.) 
  This is a PvE server, each tribe allowed 1 safe base, but may have 4x4x2 level outposts only.
- Tribe size is limited to five (5) players
- Tribe must be active on the server.

*Admins do not provide support/compensations for mistakes made by players. They also reserve the right to disbar players from the competition and server for breaching rules, 
 being obnoxious, cheating, causing too much drama/uproar and over-abusive language.
- Base structure not including the surrounding gates are not going to be limited, at this time
- If your base is deemed to be causing server issues, the admins will inform the contestants of any changes that may need to be made to their bases.
- Exterior and Interior (ie. Functionality) design and architectural quality.
- Entries will be judged during live stream of Banlish (Time=TBD Date=02/14/2018) either by viewers voting or by panel of judges (staff members not participating) TBD

- Kindly contact Richiebob2, Laurie or Alyrius on discord.  The contest will consist of tribes limited to 5 (five) players so entry will be closed once the judging date of 
  02/14/18 has been reached. (if more space is needed on the server we will get it)
- If insufficient interest is garnered by the judging date, the contest will be postponed until a later date and players that enter the contest will be informed of the cancellation/postponement. 
  In the event that occurs, there will be no compensations.
- If you don't sign up with Richiebob2, Laurie or Alyrius you will be considered to not have any interest in participating in the contest and will not qualify for the award.
- Crosshair enabled, 3rd person enabled, Resources x3, Taming x8, Mating Interval .025, Egg Hatch Speed 20, Baby Mature Speed 16

*Admins reserve the right to restart the server as needed for bug fixes, updates to the game, whitelisting updates or by modifying server settings to include adding/removing mods.
- Server currently conducts a restart every 12 hours, *no server wipe* at 12:00AM EST and 12:00PM EST.

- Discord Channels will be provided for those who request to have one for the contest period.  Contact Richiebob2 in Discord to request channel.
- Reusable Plus; Platforms Plus; Death Helper; Super Spyglass; Resource Stacks and Castles, Keeps, and Forts Medieval Architecture and eco’s RP Decor .  More may be introduced later.

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